If you have suffered an injury in an accident, you might be wondering if you should hire a personal injury lawyer in San Antonio. There are certain types of accidents in which you should always call a personal injury lawyer. This is because hiring an attorney will certainly be worth the fees to have them represent you.

If you are on the fence about hiring a lawyer, we can help. Texas Legal Sharks offers you the reasons you should hire a personal injury lawyer in San Antonio.

Red Tape

When it comes to legal proceedings and personal injury law, you must know that going at it yourself will require hurdling a lot of red tape. On the bright side, going at this on your own will ensure that you learn a lot of confusing legal jargon and medical terms. Seriously, you need to get cracking learning everything the insurance companies already know.

On the other hand, hiring an attorney means you are free from having to know this information. You don’t have to worry about becoming an expert in legal matters and medical terminology.

Save Time

There is a long list of tasks that need to be accomplished before you go in front of a judge for your case. A long list. For example, there will be medical records that have to be obtained as well as reviewing police files and medical charts. Since you probably have a job and a family, that will leave you with very little time to get all of this and much more accomplished.

Of course, hiring an attorney means you keep your free time free while others get these tasks accomplished.


Most personal injury lawyers work with a team of investigators who examine details of your case, interview witnesses and so forth to ensure everything is properly covered and they have the materials they need for a solid case.

Higher Settlements

It is a sad truth and it hardly seems fair, but people who do hire attorneys for their personal injury cases statistically get more money upon settlement. Even after paying lawyer fees, they wind up with more money than those who fail to hire an attorney.


You have been hurt, yet there will be people at the trial dead set on denying you what you think you have coming to you. In this type of situation, it is difficult to keep your cool as you become frustrated and angry. It is difficult to remain calm, rational and continue making good decisions when you get this way.

Your lawyer won’t get flustered at any point and will remain calm. level-headed and will always make the right decisions.

They Have Seen It All Before

In addition to knowledge of the law and insurance company tactics, your attorney has seen it all. The experience from all of the cases they have dealt with in the past has left them quite seasoned and prepared for anything.

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