Auto accidents are unavoidable. Each accident is different and needs to be approached differently because of the extent of damage and injuries involved. Automobile wrecks are usually caused by negligence, a lapse in concentration, or reckless driving.

If a driver fails to respect the right of way of another vehicle, disregards a stop light, or tries to change lanes without following traffic rules then there’s every chance of an accident happening. Examples of reckless driving include disregarding speed limits and driving under the influence of intoxicating substances. Under Texan law, if the other party is guilty of the accident, then the injured party is entitled to compensation for medical bills, mental suffering, loss of wages and also property damage.

Recklessness on part of the negligent driver makes you eligible for additional compensation. The chief issue, of course, to see that justice be served. The Law Offices of Alex. R. Hernandez Jr. represent car wreck victims in San Antonio, Texas. Our law firm is fully conversant with the rules and regulations that govern traffic in San Antonio as well as the legal implications of auto accidents in this city. We have the expertise to determine the costs that accompany an auto accident, and in our line of work, we regularly collaborate with experts from various fields. Whether the case involves drunk driving, rash driving at intersections, or injuries to passengers, as experienced lawyers, we can help you gain justice.

Invariably, with liability claims the most important thing is to establish fault. And this is not always easy. This is where being current with the law comes into play. Important things that need to be done quickly in order to establish fault in a traffic accident include obtaining a copy of the police report, sharing the conduct of the involved parties with respect to observing traffic rules, and interviewing witnesses so as to understand what actually happened.

Drunk driving accidents in San Antonio, Texas, can lead to claims for injuries as well as punitive costs. In fact. not just the drunk driver but also the establishment that served alcohol even when the person was clearly intoxicated can be held responsible and brought to justice. We know the laws that can help determine responsible parties for your car wreck and accompanying damages.

It is possible that a car wreck may be caused by faulty parts in the vehicle. In such cases, the vehicle manufacturer and dealer must face liabilities for injuries that may occur because of faulty parts in the automobile. A defect in the product’s design, or even faulty labeling that damages the vehicle and causes injuries to the end user requires that liabilities be established, and the case pursued.

Sometimes, faulty road construction can result in accidents. In such cases, that also include signage, lighting, and road maintenance issues, the responsible government departments and road building contractors can face liability lawsuits. Pursuing a court case against government bodies requires knowledge of the laws and procedures that governs such actions.

We can help you gain justice in all of the above-mentioned cases. Get in touch if you need a San Antonio car wreck lawyer.