1. Top Three Reasons to Call The Texas Legal Shark After a Car Wreck

    Many people who’ve been injured in an accident in Texas quickly realize that they have the right to file a personal injury claim. They then begin to wonder, “Should I try to file a claim on my own, or should I hire a lawyer?” This is a valid question, so you are probably looking for answers. Every person’s case is unique, so no one can tell you what the best solution is for you. But, you s…Read More

  2. What Can a Texas Legal Shark Car Wreck Lawyer Do For Me?

    Personal injury lawsuits can be the result of any injury caused by the negligence of another, but commonly involve injuries resulting from car or truck accidents. While minor, non-injury car crashes can often be handled between the people involved and the car insurance companies, major accidents or those resulting in death or injury can benefit from the help of a car accident attorney. But what e…Read More