Motor vehicle accident victims can suffer debilitating injuries to various parts of their bodies. Here are some of the most commonly sustained injuries by persons involved in a car wreck.


  1. Brain Injury – Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are the leading cause of accident-related deaths in the U.S. Close to 140 people die each day because of TBI, and each year thousands end up with disabilities because of these injuries. Car wrecks are a huge reason for TBI-related fatalities and disabilities. 17 out of 100 TBI are caused by car accidents. Falls are the number one contributor to such injuries.
  2. Injuries to the Spinal Cord – Spinal cord injuries (SCI) include quadriplegia and paraplegia. SCI can result in partial or complete paralysis below the site of the injury. The loss of ability to control motion and the inability to feel any sensation can be very frustrating. The lifetime treatment cost of a spinal cord injury can be up to $3 million.
  3. Hidden Injuries – Internal injuries and bleeding sustained after a car accident can give rise to life-threatening situations. It is extremely important to visit a doctor even if you do not exhibit any external discomfort. The discomfort and pain associated with internal injuries may manifest over a period. By the time, symptoms appear, the injury may have worsened without you realizing it. Liver, kidney, and intestinal damage are examples of internal injuries.
  4. Back Injuries – Car accidents are a very common cause of back injuries. It is not uncommon for the sudden impact from a car accident to injure the backbone, dislocate vertebra, result in a herniated disc, or even a damaged spinal cord. Back injuries often occur even with minor rear ending of vehicles and low-speed collisions.
  5. Burns – Burns are a real possibility in a car wreck. Colliding vehicles can catch fire. Spilled fuel can ignite. Steam and gases released can burn and scald the skin or damage the lungs if inhaled. Rehabilitation can be a long and expensive procedure requiring multiple surgeries. Car wrecks can result in first, second, third, and fourth degree burns.
  6. Shoulder Injuries – Shoulders are easily injured, and frequently, in car crashes, it is the shoulder that takes the brunt of the impact. The injury may require treatment in the form of therapy, medication, or even surgery. Common shoulder injuries include damage to the rotator cuff, shoulder joint tears, and fractures.
  7. Loss of a Limb – An amputation, even if it is of a finger or a toe, can lead to a drastic drop in the quality of life. Unfortunately, the loss of a limb either from being crushed during the accident or from amputation is a very real risk. Blunt trauma from car accidents is one of major causes of amputations in America.
  8. Fractures – The sudden and massive impact from a car accident can result in fractures. Broken bones in the arms, hands, fingers, ribs, neck, vertebrae in the back, skull, legs, shoulders, and feet are common. Treatment depends on the severity of the fracture.

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