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    Supply Chain Management
    The Digital Technology Segment
    “ITG Atlas” was selected as the “Excellent Case of Business Technology Innovation and Application in 2022” by Chinese Ministry of Commerce
    ITG IRSP was selected as one of the National Excellent Cases of Logistics and Supply Chain Informatization in 2022
    “Dingge Digital Transformation Pionner in Supply Chain Industry” in 2022

    Xiamen ITG Group continues to promote the practice of digital transformation in supply chain operation digitization, data assets digitization, intelligent logistics, intelligent warehousing, etc. We independently build an intelligent supply chain integrated service platform- "ITG Atlas". The platform provides industry solutions applying to all types of commodity supply chain scenarios to offer industrial partners more efficient and high-quality comprehensive services. In addition, we take the Industrial Internet as the starting point and build a carbon management platform. The platform can serve our own business while actively exporting “Carbon Neutrality" solutions to upstream and downstream enterprises.

    Operating Entities
    Xiamen ITG Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
    Xiamen ITG Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

    Xiamen ITG Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a platform specializing in digital technology within ITG’s shareholding system for realizing the digital upgrading and technological empowerment of sectors such as supply chains, real estate, finance, MICE and education, as well as for the investment and operation of technological projects.

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