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    Supply Chain Management
    The Textile Segment
    A Council Members of China Cottn Association
    Purchasing Member of LENZING

    The Textile Segment business has gone through the whole industrial chain covering chemical fibers, man-made fibers, cotton, cotton yarn, fabrics and garments and we are dedicated to provide customized solutions for industral customers. Our cotton yarn business has rolled out production bases along the "Belt and Road". We invest and set up a regional company in Uzbekistan to provide supply chain services for Uzbek textile enterprises. Our Uzbekistan cotton yarn import volume accounts for more than 40% of Chinese imports. Our chemical fiber business continues to involve joint venture factory. We participate in the operation and profit sharing of physical factories through equity cooperation and other forms. Our cotton business has built 4 own gin mills in cotton-producing areas. Our fabric export business has obtained a number of environmental protection international certifications. Based on the utilized five independent and joint venture factories, our products are exported both nationally and internationally.

    Core Product Categories

    Textile chemical raw materials, chemical fiber raw materials, fibers, cotton, yarn, fabrics, garments.

    Operating Entities
    Textile Center
    Textile Center

    Starting up with the export of textile fabrics and garments, the Textile Business Center gradually opens up the upstream and downstream of the whole industrial chain of cotton spinning, chemical fiber, and fiber. Now its business has covered textile chemical raw materials (PTA, MEG, etc.), chemical fiber raw materials (pulp, polyester chips, etc.), fibers (cotton, viscose, polyester, etc.), yarns (cotton yarn, viscose, polyester, etc.), fabrics and garments, many of which have been ranking first in terms of import, according to customs import statistics.

    Address:21st Floor, Building A, ITG Center, No.4688 Xianyue Road, Huli District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province
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