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    Supply Chain Management
    The Logistics Service Segment
    National trade logistics key contact enterprises selected by Chinese Ministry of Commerce
    National AAAAA level comprehensive logistics enterprise
    Chinese customs advanced AEO certification enterprise

    The Logistics Service Segment integrates the experiences of integrated supply chain servicer. Through our own ships, docks, warehouses, storage yards, convoys, freight forwarders and strong outsourcing logistics system, we provide customers with a one-stop and customized logistics service solutions covering international shipping, ship management, shipping brokerage, shipping agency, warehousing services and general logistics, etc.

    Core Product Categories

    Bulk cargo shipping, International ship agency, Ship management, Bonded logistics, Customs clearance services, Project logistics, etc. 

    Operating Entities
    Xiamen ITG Tidak Logistics Co., Ltd.
    Xiamen ITG Tidak Logistics Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 1992 with a registered capital of 100 million yuan, Xiamen ITG Tidak Logistics Co., Ltd. is a state-owned enterprise and one of the core logistics firms of the Logistics Center of the ITG Supply Chain Division. It aims to provide customers with high-quality solutions to logistics service, with business covering modern warehousing services, container import and export hauling, export LCL in bonded areas, import bonded, international transshipment, import and export customs declaration and quarantine, pre-classification, customs planning, financial logistics, project logistics, ship financing, bulk cargo ship rental, foreign ship management, shipping agent service, ship transaction brokerage, ocean shipping brokerage, container stockpiling, container repair, freezer business, container leasing, etc.

    Address:23F, Building B of Guomao Center, No.4688 Xianyue Road, Huli District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province
    Xiamen ITG Shipping Co., Ltd.
    Xiamen ITG Shipping Co., Ltd.

    Xiamen ITG Shipping Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as"ITG Shipping ") is a professional shipping company under the logistics sector of Xiamen ITG Group Corp., Ltd. The main business includes: domestic and foreign bulk cargo shipping, self-owned ship management, ship agent procurement and ship management, international shipping agency, container leasing, storage and repair business.

    Xiamen ITG Shipping Co.,Ltd. has 5 large ocean bulk carriers with a capacity of more than 400,000 tons, operating global routes. For bulk chartering, Xiamen ITG Shipping Co.,Ltd. operates a number of global shipping routes covering the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, vessel type involved from handy to cape size. ITG shipping carries wide range of cargo type, mainly related to coal, coke, cement clinker, limestone, sand, soybeans, bauxite, steel, petroleum coke, manganese ore, etc., with an annual transport volume of more than 30 million tons. ITG Shipping has the Certificate of Conformity (DOC) certified by China Classification Society (CCS), and has the management qualification of managing international sailing ships and scientific research ships. The management flag covers China flag, Panama flag, Hong Kong flag, Liberia flag, etc. At the same time, relying on the professional technology and experience of the team, ITG shipping extend the provision of ship agent procurement services. ITG Shipping has nearly 10,000 shipping containers, leased to container owners for container maritime transport business. It owns more than 80,000 square logistics stations, which are used to carry out empty container storage and container repair business of Marine containers. ITG Shipping has a special team in Xiamen, Fuzhou, Putian, Nantong to carry out international shipping agency business, for charterers and shipowners to handle ship entry and departure procedures, and establish friendly relations with local ports and customs joint inspection departments. ITG Shipping actively expand the international business territory, has set up subsidiaries and offices in Singapore, Indonesia, to expand overss business.

    Adhering to the enterprise mission of "Integrate Industry to Connect. Create Value to Share.", the company actively participates in the development wave of the supply chain and explores innovative development paths to create and promote sharing.

    Principal operating subsidiaries are as follows:

    1.Xiamen ITG Shipping Co.,Ltd. responsible for ship agent procurement and ship management, container leasing, international shipping agency business. Contact: Shipping agent procurement and ship management, container leasing Zhong Minjie (0592-2101338), Wu Fei (0592-5677257); International Shipping Agency Business Huang Zhengong (0592-5672081).

    2.ITG SHIPPING PTE.LTD. undertakes foreign trade bulk cargo shipping business and operates its own ship business. Contact: Huang Shengfeng (0592-5670520), Gao Xiang (0592-5165336), Chen Yinpei (0592-5860085), Xiu Chen (0592-5860079) based on Xiamen; Wu Wei (0065-69100008*1020/90570090) based on Singapore

    3.Xiamen ITG Tidak Bonded Logistics Co.,Ltd./ Xiamen Sun Power Container Logistics Ltd. responsible for container storage and repair business. Contact: Jin Tao (0592-2657188), Lin Jia Tuan (0592-6893325)

    4.ITG Uming Shipping Co., Ltd. undertakes domestic and foreign trade bulk cargo transport business, its own ship business. Contact: Zhu Lei (0592-5165322)

    5.Xiamen Keerun Xiehai Shipping CO.,Ltd. undertakes domestic bulk cargo shipping business. Contact: Guo Yingying (0592-5671773)

    Address:22F, Building B of Guomao Center, No.4686 Xianyue Road, Huli District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province
    2、ITG SHIPPING PTE.LTD.,承擔外貿大宗散貨海運業務,自有船經營業務。聯系人:廈門——黃聲楓(0592-5670520)、高翔(0592-5165336)、陳銀佩(0592-5860085)、修晨(0592-5860079 );新加坡——吳煒(0065-69100008*1020/90570090)。
    4、國貿裕民船務有限公司,承擔內外貿散貨運輸業務,自有船經營業務。聯系人:朱磊(0592-5165322 )。
    2、ITG SHIPPING PTE.LTD.,承擔外貿大宗散貨海運業務,自有船經營業務。聯系人:廈門——黃聲楓(vincent@xmtidak.com)、高翔(gaoxiang@xmtidak.com)、陳銀佩(chenyinpei@xmtidak.com)、修晨(xiuchen@xmtidak.com);新加坡——吳煒(wuweihua1@itg.com.cn)。
    Xiamen ITG Ship Building Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.
    Xiamen ITG Ship Building Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

    Established in 2001, Xiamen ITG Shipbuilding Imp. & Emp. Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary of Xiamen ITG Group Corp., Ltd. Relying on the strong strength and brand influence of ITG Group, the main business of ship trade and ship investment, covering civil ships, Marine materials and equipment import and export, processing and compensation trade, technical services, and international cooperation.

    Over the years, the company has specialized in global ship capacity supply chain comprehensive services, and has been exported to Germany, Norway, Greece, Italy, Singapore, Turkey, and other multinational shipowners of various types of ships, and the export scale of ship capacity has been in the forefront of China for many years. The company has a subsidiary in Hong Kong, offices in Qingdao and Indonesia, and actively expands its international business.

    The companys holding subsidiary, ITG Bohwa Shipping Limited is a joint venture established with well-known partners in the industry, committed to providing clients with“Full life circle shipping assets management service” including Contractor of Project Logistics, Semi-liner trading, Ship owning, ships commercial management and supply chain financing, etc., and developing African and European routes.

    At the same time, to meet the development requirements of the digital era, the company set up a joint venture subsidiary - Xiamen Keerun Shipinter Technology Co., Ltd., committed to building a professional digital ship trading platform, responsible for ship online bidding, ship trading, and ship import and export business.

    Address:20F, Building A of Guomao Center, No.4688 Xianyue Road, Huli District, Xiamen, China
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